Passing the Examination

Upon completing the NCEA Certification Exam, the Candidate will be immediately notified of their pass/fail status. NCEA requires a scaled score of 75 to become NCEA Certified. Once NCEA is advised of your passing grade, you will receive your NCEA Certified Certificate. Your certificate will exhibit your full name, NCEA Certified number, expiration date and the NCEA Certified logo.

Your certification is valid for three (3) years. It is your responsibility to maintain and uphold your NCEA Certified status by complying with the Responsibilities of the NCEA Certified Professional.

These include:

  • Maintaining your NCEA Individual Membership
  • Maintaining your CPR/AED and First Aid Certifications
  • Obtaining the required 12 CEs approved the NCEA Commission on Accreditation (COA)in order to maintain your NCEA Certified status.
  • Completing 1 Recertification Section

Most important, it is your responsilbity to follow the NCEA Code of Ethics and to represent your new status as a NCEA Certified professional favorably.