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This directory is provided for NCEA Certified Professionals who authorized publication, and does not represent a complete list of all professionals that have attained the NCEA Certified credential. No photocopy of a NCEA Certified credential should  ever be accepted as verification by a state regulatory board, employer or any other entity.

NCEA accepts no responsibility for an individual that has not been properly been verified by the NCEA "Verfication of Certification" form process.

The "Verfication of Certification" form can be found on  under Step 1 - Certification Forms & Applications.  The form must be completed by the NCEA Certified professional,  and  sent to he NCEA executive offices. A notarized verification will be sent sealed directly to the company/agency/state regulatory board requesting verification.
No Exceptions.

Susanne S. Warfield - NCEA's Founder & Executive Director 8/17/2018
Ridgewood, NJ

The NCEA Certification Program is the culmination of 17 Associations, 100+ Corporations (including industry manufacturers/distributors) and Schools working with the 10,600+ Individual Members that make up the coalition. Founded in 2000, the NCEA has worked enthusiastically as a collective force in shaping the industry’s future. Congratulations to all NCEA Members for a job well done . I am proud to be your Executive Director.


Kristine Mares 4/27/2012
Soldotna, AK


Cynthia Steele 3/1/2020
Little Rock, AR

I’m please to have finished my 3rd recertification to maintain my NCEA Certified credential, and to be the President of the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists (SPSSCS). I feel this certification is imperative to the health and safety of the public.


Angela Carlile 11/17/2011
Gilbert, AZ

Therese Cunningham 7/22/2011
Phoenix, AZ

As an esthetics instructor I believe that continuing education is paramount to staying current in the diverse esthetics industry. I know the NCEA certification program will help to maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Sherry K. Ecker 11/9/2012
Glendale, AZ

Janine Hutchens 7/17/2011
Peoria, AZ

As as educator and skin care professional, the NCEA Certification will ensure a position of high excellence and standards of patient skin care.

Susan A. Sargent 9/29/2011
Peoria, AZ

Stephanie D. Sykes 9/1/2011
Chandler, AZ

Sheron Turas Amiel 10/06/2018
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Holly Anzalone-McGinnis 3/28/2017
Woodland Hills, CA

Going through the NCEA Certification program helped me tremendously in continuing my education. Attaining the NCEA Certified credential is helping me to help others achieve beautiful skin.

 Sylvie Archenault 8/20/2016
Woodland Hills, CA

As a professional always seeking advancement in the Esthetic field and a CIDESCO diplomat, the research of Esthetic Standards and Principals has led me to pursue becoming NCEA Certified and share its visions among professionals.

Odeta Bagvilaite 10/31/2016
Los Angeles, CA

Seamus Brandon Doyle 4/24/2019
San Francisco, CA

The NCEA Certification Program has taken me and my skills as an esthetician to the next level and allowed me to work more efficiently and with a greater sense of purpose and responsibility.

 Amy E. Branum 5/27/2014
Sacramento, CA

Diane Buccola 9/2/2013
Sacramento, CA

Becoming NCEA Certified is mandatory for any esthetician who wants to standout above the rest. It's an investment not only in our own careers, but in the entire field of esthetics. I'm proud to join the ranks of NCEA Certified Professionals, who I consider the very best of the best.

Lori Cahitas 10/18/2011
Torrance, CA

Lorena Coello 6/11/2015
Fullerton, CA


Danielle Crawford 8/24/2018
Oakdale/Modesto, CA

Education beyond what is required by my state license is the business platform I have used from Day One and is the core concept of my business philosophy. Achieving NCEA Certification has boosted that platform to a higher level that helps set me apart and above any competition around me.

Sherry D. Davis, PhD 6/12/2013
Azusa, CA

Being an NCEA Certified Esthetician, Educator and professional has had a profound change in my life for the better. It is just as important to Estheticians  for advanced training purposes, support from an association, as well as keeping members involved of changes in the industry and state regulations about the careers we all love. Being the best has only been enhanced from this training and membership. You cannot get the same or even similar benefits from other organizations. This is based on United States Standards, and job skills that are necessary in today’s workplace for Esthetic Professionals. I would want everyone I have ever taught, worked with, and trained in the skin care industry to become part of this elite organization, to better themselves and the profession overall.

Biljana Djordjevic 1/7/2012
Los Angeles, CA

Becoming NCEA Certified is the best thing I could do for my career. I have been offered a teaching job just because of that!

Joanne Dunphy Gogue11/3/2011
Escondido, CA

Meg Emord 10/2/2011
Ojai, CA

Angelique Foster 12/16/2011
Pleasant Hill, CA

Denise Gaston 5/23/2014
San Leandro, CA

Being a Licensed Esthetician and Educator, I have always been an advocate for continuing education. As a member of NCEA, becoming NCEA Certified, was a natural extension. It has helped my career and private practice tremendously. I am proud to be a NCEA Certified Professional.

Teresa I. Griffin 11/8/2011
Los Angeles, CA

Shannon Guiniven 1/13/2012
Santa Monica, CA

Julie Iverson 2/21/2014
Arcata, CA

Kerry Keough Siekmann 5/30/2011
Carlsbad, CA

Brianna Knight 12/07/2018
Fresno, CA

The NCEA Certification Program has truly changed my life. Allowing me the opportunity to educate others along with other NCEA professionals is phenomenal.

Angela M. Lafin 5/30/2011
San Diego, CA

Cindy Lee 1/27/2017
Temple City, CA

Diane L. Lipson  9/28/2018
Encino, CA

Nondy R. Llewellyn 3/26/2012
Bakersfield, CA
Having the opportunity to distinguish my professional abilities, both as an esthetics instructor and in my private practice ensures students and clients that they are receiving the latest in information and the best in service. thank you, NCEA for your effort on our behalf!

Ruth E. Malvo 1/14/2012
Moraga, CA

Rosemary Martinez 4/24/2019
Corona, CA

"for a Better You"

Ludivina Marquez 12/18/2014
Monterey, CA

Jennifer R. Mc Daniel 2/19/2012
El Segundo, CA

Shannon Marie Meder 3/30/2018
Stockton, CA

I’ve been an esthetician for almost 30 years with a strong commitment to continuing education. Becoming NCEA Certified signifies an entirely different echelon of professionals within our industry.

 Daliborka  Milekic Vuksa 8/8/2012
San Francisco, CA

Mary A. Nobriga 11/22/2014
Burlingame, CA

Chelsea A. Novosel 10/6/2011
San Francisco, CA

Amy Ouellette 10/16/2011
San Jose, CA

I am proud to say I am a NCEA Certified Esthetician & NCEA member. To become a NCEA certified esthetician and member would be something I highly recommended to all licensed estheticians who want to raise the standards in this field. It is an easy process as long as you do your studies and all the effort is well worth building a strong coalition of like minded professionals is very much needed and in the long run it will help all of us as a whole. To become certified  helps to set the professions bar higher for yourself and others as a skin care professional.

Patricia J. Palumbo 12/18/2015
Yorba Linda, CA

Yinghui Qiang 4/30/2015
Hayward, CA

Ronda Simpson 9/13/2015
Pittsburg, CA

Zaida E. Takeshita 11/22/2011
Los Angeles, CA

Donna Thompson 1/16/2019
San Clemente, CA

When building your estheticians practice, the NCEA Certification will provide you the enhanced credibility you are seeking. With the NCEA Certification displayed for all to see, you are informing the public that you have gone above and beyond in your education and are committed to the field of skin care.


Waroros Thongruang 3/4/2019
Citrus Heights, CA

Melanie M. Trehan 4/3/2020
San Diego, CA

Many thanks to the NCEA and Susanne S. Warfield for supporting, guiding and caring about Estheticians in this amazing industry.


Christina Vaglio 10/1/2018
San Diego, CA

Even with the lifetime of experience, I've acquired in the industry, there is no getting around the fact that you must study for this test. The NCEA Training manual and webinars are certainly a helpful study source.

 Julieta Vidal - Lubin 10/18/2011
El Segundo, CA

Amy Labuda Velten 5/19/2020
Beverly Hills, CA

"Being a NCEA Member  and Nationally NCEA Certified has given me more professional respect in the medical esthetics world. Thank you NCEA!" –Amy Labuda Velten, Beverly Hills, CA.


Danielle Wachowski 4/29/2014
Sacramento, CA

Becoming NCEA Certified was essential to my career as an educator and role model. I'm privileged to be amongst the best, and commit to helping other estheticians acheive NCEA Certified status.

Dianna R. White 5/25/2012
Mojave, CA

Karon Wilhelm 8/16/2011
West Hills, CA

As a cosmetologist and instructor I am honored to be with the NCEA. As a professional, I recommend becoming certified. After 30 years in the industry, I can still get excited about continuing education, my job, and helping others.

Jayne E. Ziv 3/29/2019
Oxnard, CA


Crystal B. Anderson 5/01/2020
Alamosa, CO 81101

Achieving this incredible NCEA Certified credential has been one of my favorite accomplishments. Setting a high Standard For Excellence in My industry has always been my #1 Goal. This program has allowed me to do that. I’m proud to represent NCEA and continue my career in esthetics. NCEA Rocks!

 Tammy A. Dorenkamp 8/10/2012
La Junta, CO


Brenda Lee Moran 4/6/2020
Colorado Springs, CO

Tina L. Silver 1/27/2020
Thornton, CO.

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."
                                                                                                                                                       –Henry Ford


Lynda Cesiro 10/6/2011
Stamford, CT

Charisse N. Jalbert 5/09/2019

Probably the most important, evolving and profitable professional decision I have made since finishing esthetics training.


Susan Hurley 3/31/2018
Washington, DC

Kathryn I. Kailian 3/6/2017
Washington, DC

Recently a representative/esthetician noted my expertise and inquired as to my background. She travels all over the country and meets many estheticians with varying knowledge of our field. I told her about my NCEA Certification and how the organization is striving to standardize esthetics across the country. Naturally, I encouraged her to join!

Aisha Massac 3/1/2019
Washington, DC

As a professional, I strive to stay ahead and continuously increase my knowledge. NCEA training and certification was important to me, not only to help with that but also providing a way to set apart the estheticians who are true to the industry.

Donna M. Pavone 11/18/2014
Washington, DC

Regina M. Tucker 12/22/2014
Washington, DC

Achieving the NCEA Certified credential marks another milestone in my professional development. It has taken my knowledge and level of service to a higher level. I am happy to be NCEA Certified!

Carmen Andrea White 2/25/2020
Washington, DC


Barbara Anderson 2/10/2019
Green Cove Springs, FL

Finally, Estheticians have a professional credential - OUTSTANDING!


Joan Barber 4/26/2019
Wellington, FL

The NCEA certification provides credibility and raises the standard both to you personally as an individual and in general to the entire esthetic profession. Everyone is this industry should aspire to be a part of this elite association that advocates for higher standards and excellence.


Amber Celeste Barutcu 4/10/2013
Miami Beach, FL

I am so excited about becoming a NCEA Certified professional and bringing my career to the next level. NCEA has helped me become a more knowledgeable instructor. Now I can bring my students the most current and up-to-date information. Thanks NCEA!


Sara Burchett 6/16/2018
Fort Myers, FL

Teresa S. Braun 5/18/2016
Alva, FL

 Sandra Bubb 11/30/2010
Weston, FL

I am very proud to be a NCEA Certified Professional. I feel it is important to our industry and myself personally that we have nationwide standards and practices to enhance the perception and status of our field.

 Lizka Campana 10/22/2011
West Palm Beach, FL

Johanne Clement 11/3/2011
Safety Harbor, FL

Helen Connie Didier-Robinson 5/29/2015
Lehigh Acres, FL

As an Internationally Certified CIDESCO Diplomat; having practiced outside of the US for much of my professional life. The NCEA Certification Program provides the tools necessary for me to assimilate into and advocate for the Esthetic profession here in the United States.

Tara DiGennaro 10/28/2017
Pompano Beach, FL

Elvira (Ellie) DiLibero 8/29/2015
Palm Coast, FL

As a NCEA Certified Professional I am honored to be among this community of Practice. NCEA Certified professionals have earned this distinguished gold standard certification. Together we have been changing the professional landscape of skincare education and standardizing best practices in this vast growing field. NCEA has provided estheticians, clients and industry leaders a shared mutual confidence.

Julija Dimante 4/1/2018
Jupiter, FL

Invest in yourself today, your future self will thank you. Its the best investment of all! You are worth every penny. The only lasting investment is an investment in yourself.

Marion Dove 10/30/2012
New Port Richey, FL

Le Ann Earle 7/6/2012  
Merrit Island, FL  

Nicole Elizabeth Esch 8/2/2016
Naples, FL

The NCEA training manual is well written and the test was challenging. I would highly recommend becoming NCEA Certified to any skin care professional. The program is worth the investment. It is important for our industry that we have nationwide standards and practices and I am proud to be a part of NCEA working toward that goal.

Jo Ann Fenstermacher 8/6/2014
Dunedin, FL
NCEA is the start of something amazing! I am proud to be a certified professional and I look forward to welcoming more professionals. Thank you NCEA for working so hard in the field of esthetics!

Monica Grajales 3/01/2018
Tampa, FL

Receiving my NCEA Certification was a dream of mine for the past 20 years. I finally feel an accomplished skincare professional.

Maria Ivette Hernandez 9/4/2018
Kissimmee FL

Discipline is the bridge between your goals and your acheivements.

Corinthia Loblack 5/12/2018
Orlando, FL

The NCEA National Esthetician Certification Program is the Gold Standard for Excellence. The program highlights the science behind the esthetic profession.

Jenny Nunez - Davenport 4/20/2012
Jacksonville, FL

Gia R. Paduano 6/11/2016
Fernandina Beach, FL

Being NCEA Certified provides you with outstanding credentials, while keeping you accountable for updating your continued education and create the opportunity to be a role model to others within our industry. It also provides your clients with confidence in the skincare services they receive.

Teri Prevatt 3/21/2017
Jacksonville, FL

Linda Rabah 6/30/2020
Hallandale Beach, FL

"I sometimes thought less is more, except with esthetics. This profession has kept me on my toes; kind of a vision. I am a proud member of NCEA. All the learning’s have assured confidence and enhanced my day-to-day business decisions."

Rachel Russianoff 9/9/2016
Royal Palm Beach, FL

Debbie Safra 12/27/2016
Maitland, FL

NCEA – a catalyst for the estheticians and skin care industry to band together for the common good of our profession and education standards nationally. It is a personal step forward for me and for the benefit of my clients.

Maureen C. Thacker 10/15/2016
Kissimmee, FL

This is the Certification Program I have been looking for! It is designed for today’s professional, ensuring that those who are certified are up-to-date on all modern procedures and ingredients.

Sarah E. Vargesko 8/27/2017
Melbourne, FL

Adriana Wroth 3/26/2016
Deerfield Beach, FL

Becoming NCEA Certified was the best decision I have made in my career. I feel more confident due to the high level of education provided. Knowledge is power!


Bonnie D. Bergman 5/14/2015
Locust Grove, GA

Traci A. Daly 10/12/2012
Atlanta, GA

Heather Davis 7/31/2018
Alpharetta, GA

Continuing education in the field of esthetics is of the upmost importance to show that skincare is much more than relaxation and “fluff.” NCEA provides me the knowledge to inform clients that this is a fact.

Amy R. Elmore 3/12/2013
McDonough, GA

Tammy Hanekamp 6/29/2015
McDonough, G

Melissa Helms 3/18/2013
Oxford, GA

Caletha Malone 8/30/2016
Conyers, GA

Kelly A. Ramirez 7/12/2016
Valdosta, GA

Kelly A. Wolcott 9/30/2019
Buford, GA

Completing this certification allows me to know that my knowledge and skill set matches a more aggressive standard. Basic training in no sufficient to meet the demands of our industry. Being the best professional possible is worth the effort and brings much needed integrity to our profession.



Karen Keady 4/24/2012
Twin Falls, ID

Becoming NCEA Certified is one more step in the right direction for skincare professionals, to advance their knowledge and continue educating themselves.


Brenda S. Berndt 3/23/2012
Bloomington, IL

Paula Ann Cohen 9/29/2011
Chicago, IL

Grace Sciortino 2/26/2016
Wheaton, IL


Rhonda G. Thomson 9/29/2012
Fort Wayne, IN

Credibility is everything. Thank you NCEA for providing excellent credibility to a growing profession.

Susanne B. Schultz 8/29/2010
Munster, IN

Estheticians who were once sequestered to facial rooms are now in cosmetic surgery offices, healthcare institutes, and laser centers. Education is paramount in competing for top jobs. NCEA Certification Program has set industry standards.


Lisa Buchmann 7/16/2012   
Lenexa, KS  

Tama T. Veltri 7/26/2013
Overland Park, KS    


Christianne Adams 12/10/2010
Fallston, MD

It’s vital to our industry, especially when anyone can claim to be a skincare specialist, that we now have a standard.

Nikki Credic-Barrett 5/27/2017
Mount Ranier, MD

I was very impressed with the NCEA Certification program. It challenged me to increase my knowledge about esthetics and I am grateful. I am a better esthetician because of the NCEA! NCEA is a wonderful association to be a part of. I encourage every esthetician to be NCEA Certified.

Gena Dee 5/1/2011  
Frederick, MD

Elvira Di Libero 8/29/2016
Laurel, MD

As a NCEA Certified Professional I am honored to be among this community of Practice. NCEA Certified professional shave earned this distinguished gold standard certification. Together we have been changing the professional landscape of skincare education and standardizing best practices in this vast rowing field. NCEA has provided estheticians, clients and industry leaders a shared mutual confidence.

Jasmine Fedoriv 9/23/19
Annapolis, MD

Proud to be NCEA Certified! I know now that I’ll have great accomplishments throughout my career.


 Freida Francis 2/06/2018
Brutonsville, MD

I am truly grateful and thankful for my friend who told me about the NCEA Certification program. This program has expanded my knowledge to become a better esthetician.


Nicole Healy 8/25/2018
College Park, MD

Vanessa Hinton 12/23/2017
Upper Marlboro, MD

I am truly honored to a member of the NCEA.

Nathalie Louise Marchand 5/19/2019
N. Bethesda, MD

I should have done it sooner!

Knowledge is power! I’m proud to say that by obtaining my NCEA Certified credential, I am now part of a group of professionals that strive to excel in our field.

Elsa H. Nastase 9/29/2011
Elkton, MD

Samantha Nice 8/9/2015
Annaoplois, MD

The NCEA Certification program was simply amazing! It offers a great review of material–motivates you to be a leader, exptert and a representative of the industry.

Sharon Ruiz 4/27/2012
New Market, MD

Betty J. Wilder 7/23/2017
Arnold, MD

In order to protect our profession, every esthetician should become NCEA Certified.


Sharon E. Boes 9/22/2011
Merrimac, MA

Linda J. Doane 3/4/2015
West Tisbury, MA

LeNae H. Guggenheim 4/24/2017
Buzzards Bay, MA

Penelope A. Hoffman 3/30/2011
Lynn, MA

Recent clinical developments and scientific advances in the skin care industry have raised new challenges and created new opportunities for the discerning skin care professional.The NCEA Certification and training program is an invaluable tool in meeting those challenges and taking advantage of these opportunities. Thank you!

Katherine A. MacDonald 9/08/2019
Billerica, MA

I am honored to be a NCEA Member and a NCEA Certified professional. I take pride in my work and the committment I have to the clients and skin care industry.

Carol Marnelakis 6/24/2015  
Chicopee, MA

Becoming NCEA Certified projects an image of commitment to the skin care industry and a high level of professionalism. It’s a distinguishing credential for an esthetician to possess. It fosters credibility and confidence in both employers and clients. NCEA Certification raised the bar for achieving and maintaining excellence.

Jennifer Verdini 11/6/2014
Holden, MA
It is a pleasure and a privilege to be NCEA Certified and a NCEA member. I will do my best to honor the esthetics industry by demonstrating leadership and delivering the highest quality of care and service.


Marilyn Bodanyi 10/23/2015
Sterling Heights, MI

Being NCEA Certified has opened many more avenues and connections to further my education in the esthetic field. Earning the credential has given me more confidence as a professional.

 Veronica Briseno 6/1/2012
East Lansing, MI

Rhonda G. Stover - Kilian 10/23/2011
Monroe, MI


Debra Mullins 10/6/2011
Chaska, MN

Patricia Scherven 7/7/2012  
Wayzata, MN

Cherie L. Steigerwald 9/14/2019
Tofte, MN

I'm please to be a part of NCEA and its goal of moving our industry forward in terms of state-to-state reciprocity/endorsement and higher standards of practice.



Kathleen Carney 4/23/2012
Nixa, MO

It is pretty exciting to be the first NCEA Certified professional in Missouri. I am looking forward to serving as a NCEA mentor and becoming an Approved Training Facility so I can motivate more professionals to become certified, thereby increasing the level of professionalism in our industry. I applaud the Candidate Application requirements of First Aid, CPR/AED certifications; continuing education; & liability insurance that are mandatory of certification candidates.

Tatiana Hale  7/30/2012 
Branson, MO      

Stephanie M. Kruse 10/13/2011
St. Louis, MO


Katherine France Adair 6/29/2012  
Hernando, MS   


Talley Davis 12/21/2019
Polson, MT.


Kristal R. Baker 5/7/2015   
Elkhorn, NE  



 Dawn R. Ward 6/29/2012  
Las Vegas, NV


Katherine A. MacDonald 9/08/2019
Billerica, MA

I am honored to be a NCEA Member and a NCEA Certified professional. I take pride in my work and the committment I have to the clients and skin care industry.




Annie Arakelian 3/20/2012
Washington Township, NJ

Melissa Astone
Randolph, NJ

I am proud of my accomplishment of becoming a NCEA Certified professional. I’ve enjoyed this process from start to finish and look forward to continuing my professional education. I would recommend becoming NCEA Certified to any skin care professional looking to reward themselves as well as create a stronger industry.

Nancy L. Knopka 6/21/2013
Voorhees, NJ

Suzanne (Sue) Liedel 4/15/2016
Wall, NJ

Joy Papaioannou  9/30/2017
Monmouth County, NJ

Achieving my NCEA Certified status has been a personal goal and now a professional accomplishment. I value what the association–NCEA represents.  I will commit to excellence and advocacy for maintaining the highest standards in the profession of skin care.

Regina B. Smith 10/7/2011
Scotch Plains, NJ

Lisa Stagnitti 7/10/2012  
Bridgewater, NJ 

Ildiko Szabo Zitany 8/26/2010
Saddle Brook, NJ
I obtained my cosmetology license in the State of New Jersey upon moving here from Europe. The difference between cosmetology and skin care is that to work on skin, you need more education. Thank you to the NCEA for giving me the opportunity for the highest credential in the United States. I recommend every skin care specialist to want to be at a higher level to become NCEA Certified.

Susanne S. Warfield 8/17/2015
Ridgewood, NJ

The NCEA Certification Program is the culmination of 15 Associations, 100+ Corporations (including industry manufacturers/distributors) and Schools working with the 2,600+ Individual Members that make up the coalition. Founded in 2000, the NCEA has worked enthusiastically as a collective force in shaping the industry’s future. Congratulations to all NCEA Members for a job well done . I am proud to be your Executive Director.


Kelly L. Torres  7/15/2017
Sante Fe, NM

Estheticians unite in knowledge, professionalism and standards. Thank you NCEA for the proper guidance and useful information gained. I am and confident to be apart of the NCEA!


Linda Collins 9/29/2011
Oceanside, NY

James De Carlo 9/24/2011
New York, NY

Stacy Kotsakis 9/29/2011
Jamaica, NY

 Tynean Livingston 12/3/2016
New York, NY

As a Holistic Practitioner specializing in esthetics, it is important for me to expand my knowledge. I need to stay current in the in the field of esthetics so I am able to provide the highest level of service to my clients. Being NCEA Certified has increased my credentials and confidence, due to the higher level of education provided. I am proud to say I am NCEA Certified Estheticians and a NCEA Member.

Kristen Marusak 9/18/2011
Loudonville, NY

As a novice esthetician, I am proud to be a NCEA Certified professional. I am excited to be a member of an organization that sets higher standards for the esthetics field. I know this will benefit my esthetics career in the long term. I ma proud to be a member of such a prestigious organization.


Karen Parlato 6/30/2011
Orchard Park, NY

To obtain the NCEA Certification has been one of the most rewarding moments in my career of esthetics.

Naaz Rasheed 5/13/2020
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Being a Licensed Esthetician Instructor in New York States, I always felt the industry needed better representation. With this National Certification I hope to raise the bar of our great industyr/tribe by motivating my students and co-workers!


Francine Schnabel 4/23/2012
Lake Success, NY

Anna Sue - Choi 3/16/2012
New York, NY

Rhiannon Terese 10/25/2019
Bronx, NY

Being NCEA Certified allows me to demonstrate success, gain a competitive edge and keep up with the latest technologies and trends in the skin care industry.


Linda Allen 3/10/2012
Greensboro, NC

Tin T. Le, M. D. 9/18/2014
Goldsboro, NC

Lori Anne Moore 10/3/2011  
Charlotte, NC

Gayle M Praechtl 11/3/2018
Salisbury, NC

NCEA has helped raise the bar in continuing education for our esthetic industry professionals. We are so fortunate to have an association that advocates higher standards and inspires us to push for excellence in all we do. God bless Susanne and NCEA.


Kathleen Arthur 9/24/2011
Mason, OH

I was thrilled when a friend informed me of the NCEA Certification Program. The more we learn–the better professionals we become. I would highly recommend others become NCEA Certified as well.

Karen Keady 4/24/2012
Twin Falls, OH


Melyn Bellatti 10/2/2020
Bartlesville, OK


Becoming a NCEA Certified professional is a dream come true.  When I saw this certification I knew I wanted it.  I have been in the beauty industry for 40 years.  I have my Oklahoma state license and now my National Certification.  I would like to educate and mentor other Estheticians so they could reach their goals and dreams.



Donna P. Killian 9/9/2011
Purcell, OK

Ruth E. Light 7/6/2017
Oklahoma City, OK


Sandra Cragun
Eugene, OR

Becoming NCEA Certified was a way for me to further demonstrate that my knowledge and professionalism about skin care is top notch. It is important to me that my clients have a standard they can look to in order to feel secure in my services, and becoming certified was an important part of providing that assurance.

 Judith Culp 4/14/2017
Eugene, OR

NCEA Certification raises the bar for estheticians to demonstrate their education and expertise using state of the art modalities and ensuring client safety is at the heart of every procedure. I am proud to help lead the way and encourage others to join us via their own certification.

Angelena Iannuzzo 6/15/2012 
Eugene, OR

Julie Iverson 2/21/2014
Eugene, OR

Karen Keady 4/24/2012
SIsters, OR

Being an NCEA Certified Esthetician is an opportunity for growth in knowledge, for skin care excellence.


Ingeborg Anna Kolar 8/20/2011
Albany, OR

Being NCEA Certified first of all, enhances my confidence. I can rely on having a support system. Secondly, I use the NCEA Certified logo on all my promotional material, including my business sign and display ad on a local city bus. My clients have increased confidence in me, realizing that I continue my education and keep abreast with latest developments. They respect me as a professional. I believe in client education, and the same information that I gave to clients before becoming NCEA Certified - is now being accepted without reservation. Thirdly,being certified distinguishes me from my competition. I highly recommend becoming NCEA Certified.

Brianna LaFerla 10/26/2012
Newport, OR
I highly recommend becoming NCEA Certified! Continued education is  paramount for our ever changing skin care industry! Our client’s deserve nothing short of the very best.

Heidi Morrill 4/22/2012
Keizer, OR

Robin D. Morton 11/5/2014
Salem, OR

Mary Nielsen 4/25/2016
Tigard, OR

Attaining the NCEA Certified credential was important to me professionally and personally. Professionally, clients can have confidence in my abilities and personally, I can have confidence that my knowledge has be validated.

Elizabeth Pasko 1/22/2017
Portland, OR


Charlene Rodrigues 1/4/2013
Eugene, OR

Arlene V. Sage 11/17/2013
Springfield, OR

Cynthia Shaw 8/12/2012 
Eugene, OR

Kelly Lynn Tryon 8/5/2012 
Oregon, OR


Sharon Amato 8/4/2013
Harrisburg, PA

I am proud to be in a rewarding profession that allows me to attain advanved knowledge and expertise. The NCEA Certification was the next logical step in my continued career growth.

Nicole Hollander 10/28/2011
Doyleston, PA

Colleen Johnson 1/16/2012
Langhorne, PA

Irene Koufalis 11/16/2011
East Texas, PA


Joanne C. Mc Tague 1/26/2012
Easton, PA


Karonlinska Vega 4/26/2019
Arecibo, PR

What you focus on grows stronger. As a NCEA Certified esthetician I feel so proud to be able to grow a strong career and be successful with treatment performance. Serve with knowledge and confidence is already a great success.



Kimberly Carter-Kitzmiller 12/12/2015
Smyran, TN

Valeria Mesa Donovan 6/24/2012   
Memphis, TN

Robin Koshar 3/29/2015
Franklin, TN

I am proud to be the first NCEA Certified Esthetician in the Nashville Area. I would like to encourage other “Esty’s” to be part of this elite organization. It is most important to our industry. Thanks NCEA!

An Robinson 5/29/2012
Cordova, TN

Mona E. Sappenfield  6/29/2012 
Memphis, TN


Judieth A. Brack 8/29/2018
Kerrville, TX

NCEA Certified IS the professional status awared to a skin care professional. I am very honored and overjoyed to have the  highest skin care credential available in the USA.
What a blessing and a honor to have acheived the NCEA Certified credential. The material was excellent  and aplaud the raising of the bar for our industry.

Diana Flores 6/4/2015
Frisco, TX

Austine Mah 1/23/2011
Plano, TX

Being NCEA Certified has helped me maintain a level of excellence not only recognized by my clients, my peers and within my industry, but it has also allowed me to have a certification that a state regulatory board recognizes. Having moved from state to state for opportunities, the standardization of educational requirements provided within the NCEA Certification Program supports my mobility state-to-state and internationally as well. There is no other organization in the United States that is a coalition, an active group of skin care associations, schools, companies & individuals, that is united to establish standards and best practices for our industry by providing political representation for our profession to state legislators and licensing boards. NCEA is THE ORGANIZATION that allows me to distinguish myself as a leader in the industry.

Melinda Morenz, RN 7/23/2015
San Angelo, TX

Miriam (Mimi) Morris 1/11/2016
Dallas, TX

Becoming NCEA Certified was paramount in elevating my personal goals and achievements to the highest standards in the field of esthetics I am proud to join the elite ranks of like-minded professionals who set the bar for the chief principles in the skin care industry.

Kathy Wright 6/11/2018
Wichita Falls, TX

The NCEA Program was very thorough, and I feel that the certification is a great addition to my credentials as a skin care professional.


Sarah E. Burchett 6/16/2015
Richmond, VA

Kristi Dodson 2/11/2015
Greenbackville, VA

NCEA has been an invaluable resource for me in furthering my education and obtaining an advanced credential.  Because of the educational value afforded me through the NCEA Certification program, I was able to use that to receive my Master Esthetics License in both D.C. & Virginia.  Susanne Warfield graciously advocated on my behalf, at times guiding me through the certification & licensing processes over the past few years.  Her dedication to the esthetics industry is commendable & her loyalty to higher standards in esthetics education makes NCEA credentialing well worth it.”

Heidi L. Drummond 12/3/2015

Katie Ghazzar 7/26/2020
Ashburn, VA

I was the first candidate in Northern Virginia to use online proctoring launched July 1st, 2017 by NCEA, which I really recommend. I'm so proud of my achievement and accomplishing the National NCEA Certified credential. This certification will ensure me a position of high excellence and standards in my career. My goal is one day I will be able to help and train other new estheticians.

Julie A. Landman - Humes 7/2/2012  
Newport News, VA

Shari Primm Melillo 4/13/2011
Smithville, VA

NCEA certification helps raise standards of this ever-changing and exciting profession. Proud to be NCEA certified and among the most qualified in the field. Thanks Susanne!”

Olga V.  Rodriquez  3/13/2014 
Alexandria, VA

Shari Weniger  7/2/2012 
Newport News, VA   

Establishing myself as a NCEA Certified professional helps to set me apart-the best of the best.

Caren J. Wilson 10/27/2010
Gainesville, VA

This was a very important milestone in my career as an esthetician. Thanks to the NCEA. I have now been practicing for 20 years and and loving it!



Shawna Akin 12/20/2013
Seattle, WA

I am proud and honored to be NCEA certified. From this, I provide, with confidence, the highest quality of care and take another step towards elevating industry standards.

Maria Alicia Barrera 2/11/2012
Grandview, WA

As a Master Educator and Licensed Professional in Skin Care, it is my privilage to be a part of an association that strives to meet the highest standards for skin care professionals in the USA. National Certification allows me to share my advanced knowledge as a skin care professional with my patients/clients. I look forward in being a great role model and mentor to my patients/clients and colleagues.

Christina L. Coleman 3/10/2018
Yakima, WA 98908


Linda G. Cowin 10/17/2010
Renton, WA

Being NCEA Certified is a wonderful opportunity to raise the bar for practicing estheticians. Not only is is appropriate in rewarding continuing education, but is also prepares and honors those who desire to achieve a higher level of professional recognition, skill and ability. Being NCEA Certified also gives us a voice in how our practice is regulated and keeps us abreast with the continuing growth in the skin care industry.

Juliette Chantale Sesaulniers-Smith 10/7/17
Seattle, WA

Jane Neville Dudik 9/15/2017
Vancouver, WA

I have taken a great many hours of continuing education since first being licensed as an esthetician. The information available in the NCEA Certification course surpasses anything else I have done. I am glad it is available and encourage everyone who is serious about their career to get nationally certified.

 Pamela Dreyer 1/21/2012
Longview, WA

Kris Fisk 11/6/2018
Royal City, WA

Sheila Howe 12/1/2017
Seattle, WA

Mary Alice Johnson 6/2/2018
Burbank, WA

Veronica R. Leahy 8/29/2010
Arlington, WA

Thank you for all of the time and expertise put into creating this advanced certification program. This type of standard was greatly needed across the United States and is exceptionally well done!

Michelle Malmberg-Polanik 12/2/2017

Martina Mask 9/29/2011
Kirkland, WA

Jeannette Ramos 10/24/2018
Kirkland, WA

Cindy Sharp Fisher 8/15/2017
Richland, WA

Joan Slattery 12/1/2017
Seattle, WA

Melanie Vorvick 9/9/2011
Vancouver, WA


Chandra Baines ADams 3/26/2017
Wauwatosa, WI

Michel A. Kaliebe 5/3/2013
Brookfield, WI

Amanda L. Mueller 5/18/2018
Waukesha, WI

I highly recommend becoming NCEA Certified. It has not only increased my knowledge but allow me to practice the highest standards of the skin care industry.

Maren Olinski 5/18/2012
Sussex, WI

Angela Pagoulatos 5/26/2012
Milqaukee, WI

Pamela Stoiber 5/18/2012
Menomonee Falls, WI