NCEA Certified is the professional status awarded to a skin care professional that has met the competency standards as set-forth by NCEA's 1200 Hour Esthetician Job Task Analysis. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States and adherence to the code of ethics of the profession.



A Qualified NCEA Certified esthetician means that the Candidate has passed the examination and upon submittal of required hours* to the NCEA, their credential will be issued.

*Each state will have different hours depending on license requirements.



The path to becoming NCEA Certified begins with knowing if you meet the candidate requirements. Complete the application with supporting documents, and submit for verification. Prepare for and take the Certification Exam. This entire program can be completed in as little as 6-8 weeks.

STEP 1 - Purchase of the Training Manual is a mandatory first step. You must complete the six (6) Knowledge Reviews from the manual and attach to the Affidavit of Knowledge Review Completion.

STEP 2 - The Candidate Application and other supporting documents are then submitted for Records Verification. Once your records are verified you are then provided with the Authorization-to-Test email. (ATT)

STEP 3 - With your ATT, contact the Testing Call Center within 15 days of receipt and schedule to take your exam within 90 days!

As part of completing your application you will study with the Training Manual which helps you to review your knowledge in preparation for the exam. You also need to review the Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) which outlines the exam content, and provides some sample questions. To further assist you, NCEA Approved Training Facilities offer the Certification Prep Class, for a fee.

The final step is to schedule and pay for your NCEA Certification exam. Obtaining a 75% passing grade earns you the right to call yourself "NCEA Certified". You will receive your NCEA Certified Credential, pin, and Certificate, along with your Certified Benefits Directory shortly thereafter.

NCEA Certification Program is currently available in the United States and Canada.

For more information on bringing the NCEA Certified credential to your country, please email NCEACertified@aol.com


How does the NCEA Certified credential
differ from CIDESCO & ITEC?

Download Comparitive Analysis here

When a licensed esthetician becomes NCEA Certified, it means that the esthetician has, in addition to state licensure examinations:

Completion of the Candidate Requirements as set forth by the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations and achieved a passing score on the National Certification Examination.